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Self-care tips for the cold weather

Woman holding mug in winter

Even though March is now upon us, it continues to feel like the middle of winter, with temperatures in the minus figures and enough snow to believe you were at the North Pole. While we all dream of being pampered at spa hotels in Yorkshire in the sunshine, there are a few things we can do to keep the effects of cold weather at bay.

Wrap up warm

The first and most glaringly obvious tip is to wrap up warm. It is much easier and more environmentally friendly to heat your body before heating your house. Huddle up under a blanket or fluffy jumper in the evenings to keep your body temperature up. If you don’t wrap up you’ll risk staying cold until you wait for your thermostat to catch up with your tropical requests.

Pamper yourself

Our skin will pick up on this cold weather instantly, and the rest of our bodies will follow suit. However wrapped up you are, it’s inevitable your skin will dry out in the cold. Self-care is unique from person to person and can be as small as making sure to carry a lip balm with you through the adverse weather conditions or moisturising your hands throughout the day. Not only is it a great excuse to treat yourself, but it’s also going to help your skin in the long run.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is always important, and although you aren’t panting in the heat you still need to make sure you are drinking enough water. Before chugging down your morning coffee or evening hot chocolate, drink some water. You can even sub out your cold glass of water for a hot mug of the stuff with lemon and honey if you’re in need of something warm.

Enjoy a long soak or a steamy shower

Arguably, there are very few better ways to end a day battling the elements. Light some candles, put on some music and unwind. This is a great way to warm up every inch of you and will help restore your dry skin. Also, it's a great excuse for a lie-down and some me-time.

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