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Protect your hair and skin this summer

Woman in sun

If the heatwave in late June taught us anything, it is that maintaining your beauty in warmer temperatures takes some work. Staying beautiful in the UK shouldn’t be hard just because it’s hot outside.

For those of us who have enjoyed a recent spa weekend in Yorkshire, or have one coming up, our summer beauty routine needs to help maintain and protect our radiant hair and skin. Here are some easy tips to ensure you stay beautiful when the heat is on, and keep you happy and beautiful:

Exposure to the sun

Many people want that summer tan, but sun and tanning expose you to potentially harmful UV rays. If you are worried, but still want that tan “look”, there are a number of sunless tanners and bronzers on the market that can give your skin that vibrant look without the downside of exposure to UV rays. If you must be outside, use sunscreen and try to avoid prolonged sun, especially between the hours of 10am and 4pm when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

Rinse after swimming

Chlorinated water and even saltwater could have an adverse effect on the colour and texture of your hair. To protect your locks, wet your hair before going in the pool and be sure to rinse out any salt and chemicals afterward. You may want to use a leave-in conditioner before entering the water to help seal your hair cuticles and slow down the absorption of chemicals.

Tinted moisturisers

A tinted moisturiser can keep your skin feeling supple and offer just the right amount of colour. The last thing you want when it’s hot out is to feel weighed down by a lot of makeup. Try skipping the thick foundation and use a concealer to cover up small blemishes or to help hide any dark circles under the eyes. Another option to try are beauty balms. These all-in-one beauty products frequently contain sunscreen, colour tinting and anti-ageing ingredients.

Embrace nature

When the heat and humidity get turned up, many try to reverse their effects. Don’t spend money and time trying to straighten hair that wants to go curly. Although straighteners and serums can be used to beat back the waves, embrace your natural hair texture. You can use a product to keep frizz away and let your hair air dry. The result you may get is a wavy, beach-inspired hair that says nothing but summer cool.

Summer is about having fun. There are a number of ways to stay beautiful while still being safe. Enjoy it!

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