Experts claim yeast has many benefits for the skin

Experts claim yeast has many benefits for the skin
Yeast has many benefits for the skin. Image Credit: Quinn Dombrowski (
Beauty brands have discovered a new ingredient that they believe has many benefits for the skin. It’s often found in consumable products such as bread, beer and wine, but now yeast is also an ingredient used for a number of skincare products. Yeast extract contains amino acids, proteins, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin B, which are all known to have positive effects on our bodies.

Brands such as Kiehl’s, REN and SkinCeuticals are already using the powerful ingredient, which is often a form of baker’s yeast, in their specialised formulas. It has a similar cell structure to that of humans, and when applied topically, can be anti-aging, brightening, collagen-producing and super-hydrating, which those who take regular spa breaks in Yorkshire will be pleased to hear. The high concentration of nutrients in yeast are becoming increasingly popular for these reasons, with improved firmness, pore size and smoothness just some of the selling points promised on the packaging of products.

The latest trendy beauty ingredient

Adding yeast to a serum or cream is very different to using the ingredient when baking, which converts carbohydrates to carbon dioxide and alcohol. However, when yeast is processed for beauty products, it can form antioxidant functions, reduce inflammation or stimulate collagen and elastin production.

In an article published by Yahoo Beauty, Marc Cornell, a senior scientist for 3LAB said: “This same organism can be programed to produce anti-age compounds with a basic but highly refined biotechnological process that allows the microorganism to generate by-products which have unique functions for anti-age cosmetics.”

Those with known allergies should still avoid using products with yeast in the list of ingredients, although it is suitable for those with gluten-free diets. Due to yeast’s skin-similar protein chemistry, it is very unlikely that it will be rejected by the body, meaning that it will be suitable for most skin types.

Also, for the environmentally friendly, the manufacturing of yeast-based products is eco-friendly, due to the natural ingredients. So, not only will your skin look and feel fantastic when using these products, but it also means that you’re being kind to the earth too.

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