Medical Conditions
Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

Titanic Spa is not a medical centre and our staff are not medically trained practitioners. If you have had or are suffering from severe allergies, ill health, a particular medical condition or are pregnant we advise you to speak to your GP prior to arrival to ensure you can use the Titanic Spa full facilities, services and treatments. In some instance we may require written confirmation from your Doctor.

The set of guidelines below is not an exhaustive list and only serves to highlight some of the main medical indicators where the use of the facilities, services or treatments may not be advised:

Mobility problems 
Thyroid (active / under active) 
Verruca* / Warts 
Heart problems 
Skin disease / disorders 
Metal pins / plates 
Ear infections 
Surgery in the last 3 months to visit 
Nuts of wheat allergies 
Seafood / Shellfish allergies


All treatments booked are subject to medial status. We reserve the right to refuse treatment/s if we fell it is not in the best interest of the Client.

* Clients must ensure the Verrucas / foot conditions are suitably covered in the interest of hygiene whilst using the facilities