Eco Credentials
Eco Spa

Eco Credentials

A Green Building A Green Building
When Titanic Mill was redeveloped in 2005 it set new standards in eco builds. We have renewable energy generation through solar photovoltaic roof panels which convert light directly into electricity. Low U value windows virtually eliminate draughts and thermal mass means that we don’t overheat in summer and retain conformable temperature during the winter months. Energy efficient lighting and appliances are installed through the building.

Spring Water Spring Water
Water is at the heart of ‘spa’ which means we need a lot! That is why we have our very own natural water source. Found 100m below the Spa, this was the original water source when the building was working as an Edwardian textile mill. Today it provides fresh drinking water and bathing water for our plunge pool, salt regulated swimming pool, showers and ice experience.

Towels and OTEX laundry system Towels
At Titanic Spa we are proud of our on-site laundry and are happy for you to use our towels as required. This is because we use an OTEX laundry system, used by many hospitals, which is leading in energy efficiency and extremely powerful at cleaning too. This not only washes on a cool temperature but also delivers continuous ozonated water which leaves our linen 100% disinfected. It also means we have no unnecessary transport to and from laundry services.

fresh seasonal menus Food & Drink
We believe our guests should have access to high quality food that enhances your spa experience and wellbeing. Our bistro offers fresh seasonal menus, a dedication to healthy eating and environmental responsibility. Wherever possible we source organic and fair trade ingredients choosing locally sourced, in-season produce which helps keep our food miles down and bring benefits to our local community and wider environment.

Recycling Recycling
We recycle as many materials as possible providing recycle bins for both our apartment owners and spa guests. We also use recycled paper for our spa brochure and vegetable ink dyes for our printing. We keep print to a minimum by encouraging our spa guests to use the Titanic Spa website for information on our facilities and services. Our staff and skincare companies support us by keeping office waste to a minimum and recycling product packaging and office equipment.

Looking forwards to the future The Future
The Titanic Spa Eco Focus Group ensures we are continually monitoring and reducing our impact on the environment. The group is also responsible for researching and implementing new measures such as the combined heat plant which provides the majority of our heat and hot water. Our aim is to become a fully carbon neutral and sustainable business working in partnership with our suppliers and spa guests.




We welcome your eco ideas and suggestions on helping us to achieve this. Contact:

How can you help
1.    Use products and services that product less waste and pollution
2.    Recycle waste wherever possible and encourage others to do so too
3.    Save energy. Switch off lights and appliances not in use
4.    Use you car less
5.    Buy local products from sustainably managed sources

Key Credentials

  • Titanic Spa is the UKs first Eco-Spa
  • Titanic Mill has invested £1.5 million to create a carbon neutral building
  • Our CHP (combined heat and power) unit provides heat and electric. This unit takes chippings from sustainable trees managed over a controlled time period. The trees also extract similar volumes of CO2 that are given out during biomass woodchip production
  • A 15m salt regulated swimming pool
  • Photovoltaic solar panels to catch the daylight all year round
  • OTEX laundry system providing significant financial and energy savings on our laundry
  • Our very own bore hole, 100m below the earth’s surface that provides vast quantities of pure Yorkshire water to the Titanic Experience and Apartments
  • Product Houses with authentic green statements