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Wrinkles Erased With New Anti-Ageing Treatment

Wrinkles Erased With New Anti-Ageing Treatment
Wrinkles Erased With New Anti-Ageing Treatment
A new breakthrough in anti-ageing has been made, a breakthrough that might revolutionise the way we treat a variety of skin ailments.

The treatment in question erases wrinkles by regenerating fat cells to plump the skin. Fat cells, also called adipocytes, occur in the skin but are lost when scars form and when aging transpires.

When there is a lack of these particular cells, wrinkles form. But scientists and aging experts in the US have discovered how to use molecules to change the scar forming cells of healing wounds into adipocytes.

Professor George Costarelis, in a quote via The Sun, puts the process in simple terms. “We can manipulate wound healing so it leads to skin regeneration.”

While this is fantastic news for those concerned about wrinkles and the wider effects of aging, the science behind this treatment has much wider ramifications for people’s general wellbeing.

The breakthrough could revolutionise the treatment of scars, wounds and certain conditions. The loss of these fat cells, the Adipocyte, it turns out are a common complication of medical conditions such as HIV infection and of course a natural part of aging.

Professor Cotsarelis went on to say, “Our findings can potentially move us toward a new strategy to regenerate adipocytes in wrinkled skin, which could lead us to brand new anti-ageing treatments.”

So if this revelatory new treatment can not only make us all look younger but help in treating some serious conditions and diseases, hopefully the scientists in question can get all the support they need in proliferating this new fat cell erasure.

Of course there are many more tangible ways to keep yourself feeling fit and young. A spa weekend in Yorkshire could be a more immediate option, and pampering yourself once in a while can really make all the difference to one’s mental state while also giving your skin that top up it so vitally needs.  

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