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Treating common ailments with homeopathy

Treating common ailments with homeopathy
After helping us put together our original beginner’s guide to homeopathy blog post, our three homeopathic experts are back - this time giving us some amazing homeopathic remedies to help you get started in treating some of your common ailments at home.

Our experts are Sam Adkins from New South Wales, Australia; Em Colley from North Yorkshire, UK; and Eileen Scullion from Dublin, Ireland. Each of them has a wealth of homeopathic knowledge and are highly dedicated and passionate about its uses. You can find out more about our experts in our beginner’s guide to homeopathy article, as well as learn some need-to-know information about homeopathy before trying it out for yourself.

Read on to learn about treating some of your common ailments at home, courtesy of our three experts.

Sam Adkins homeopathy
Sam Adkins,
Accidents & Injuries
General Bruising, sprains and soft tissue injuries
Eileen: “Arnica is the number one remedy for bruising, sprains, accidents and injuries to soft tissue.

“It helps reduce swelling and speeds up healing and can be invaluable for pain after dental work and sports injuries that have a sore bruised feeling.”

Sam: “Arnica is a fantastic general all-round useful homeopathic medicine to have in your kit. It works for bumps, and bruises as it decreases inflammation and will prevent or reduce bruising.

“It also takes the emotional shock factor out of the fall or bump, especially in children. When my kids were young I wouldn’t go anywhere without my trusty Arnica. Although for very small children (under 3 years old) a 30c potency will suffice. You can repeat it as needed.”

Eileen: “It can also be used after a shock or trauma where the person does not want to be touched and declares they are ‘ok’ when clearly they are not. The person feels anxious about someone touching the injury, from moving, for cold conditions and they feel better when lying down.”

Bad sprains, strains and joint pain
Em: “Rhus Tox is great for pains usually around joints which ache, feel sore and bruised. The pain gets worse on first movements, with a tearing or stitching sensation - but this eases after continued movement, provided it is not too strenuous. It’s also great for burning, rheumatic pains, stiffness, muscle sprains and strains. Typically, the joint symptoms would be relieved by warmth and heat.”

Tendon or bone surface injuries
Em: “Ruta Grav is useful in instances where the bone feels damaged. It’s great for injuries to the wrists, knees, ankles or bones, especially where there is only a thin covering of flesh, such as the shins. You’d use it when the pain of sprains and strains is constant, not relieved by movement and often exhausting. It can also be helpful in tennis elbow where it’s better for tight bandaging and complete rest.”

Splinters and foreign bodies
Em: “Silica is the number one remedy for forcing out splinters and other foreign bodies. But
Do not use it if you have a pace-maker, grommets, metal pins or other medical implants.”

Healing Wounds
Em: “Calendula is a useful first-aid remedy for cuts and wounds, and may also bring relief to superficial burns or scalds. It stimulates formation of healthy scar tissue (without lumps) and be applied in cream, ointment or tincture form. Calendula can be taken internally if there’s a lot of discomfort or a possibility of suppuration.”

Nerve injury and pain
Em: “Hypericum is good for helping extreme shooting pains. It’s also useful for first aid treatment for lacerated wounds from sharp instruments or injuries to nerve-rich areas. It’s also great for helping sore, bruised, tearing pains in the lumbar (lower back) region. Take it if you fall on your coccyx or trap your fingers or toes, as it reduces likelihood of nerve injury and pain.”

Emma Colley homeopathy
Em Colley,
Minor aches, pains and menstrual cramps
Em: “In cramping or shooting pains which are better for heat and firm pressure, Mag Phos can be very effective if crushed in warm water and sipped. Helpful in period pain where the person is better for bending double, or lying on a hot water bottle. Use in toothache which is aggravated by cold air or cold food and drinks and also for sciatica or any cramping, neuralgic pains in back and legs.”

Sam: “Hypericum is for toothache that is neuralgic or nervy in sensation and may shoot into different places. If your toothache is sore rather than a nerve ache due to an abscess or infection, then you need Hepar Sulph.”

Em: “Arnica’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a great remedy that helps with healing after tooth extractions. Hypericum can be helpful following dental work too.”
Em: “Gelsemium is a number one remedy for flu. It’s useful where the person is chilly and they may also experience shivering up and down their spine. They also have difficulty in moving because it is such an effort to do so. There may be complete physical prostration coupled with mental alertness. Physical heaviness, so much so that the eye lids droop, producing a dazed, stupefied appearance which belies the mental alertness that is there. They can also have muscular weakness which leads to trembling.”

Sam: “There are as many different medicines for coughs as there are types of coughs, but a simple one to remember is if your chest hurts and the cough sounds deep, (especially if you want to hold your chest when coughing) then Bryonia is for you! Take it hourly or two hourly until symptoms improve.

“If you cough is very dry and tickly and you have lost your voice, then you will probably feel better after taking Phosphorous. Same dosage as with Bryonia.”

High Fever
Em: “Belladonna is the number one remedy for high fevers. The person may be anxious, confused and excitable, very sensitive to noise and light.

“The onset of complaints is sudden and pains are violent and throbbing. It may be there is an inflamed area, or that the person is burning, red and hot all over with heat radiating from the body. Their eyes may seem shiny with dilated pupils and their pulse may be rapid and bounding.”

Cold sores
Em: “For cold sores on the lips or corners of mouth, take Nat Mur. The cold sores may have come on after grief, disappointment or after sun exposure. The middle of the lower lip may also be deeply cracked.”
Hangover and overindulgence
Em: “Nux Vomica is the number one remedy for hangovers and over-indulgence in rich food. The person’s head typically feels heavy with pains in the forehead or in back of head, which are worse for moving eyes or head.

“The person may also be in a stupefied state, also accompanied by feelings of nausea, biliousness and dizziness – a typical hangover! For best results take the remedy a few hours before going to bed.”

Eileen: “Nux Vomica is recommended when the headache feels sore and bruised, the scalp is ultra-sensitive with a pressing pain that feels as if nails were driven into the top of the head, they have nausea with a sour, bitter taste in their mouth and they feel dizzy.  

“They can also suffer from indigestion and heartburn that comes on half an hour after eating, sometimes with a desire to vomit but they cannot. Their stomach feels overloaded, sensitive and bloated, they may be constipated but when they do manage to pass a stool they still feel uncomfortable as they don’t feel empty.

Physical Exhaustion
Eileen: “You can use Arnica for physical exhaustion, for example after a busy day working in the garden when you feel achy, sore and bruised.

Em: “Arnica is great for strained, fatigued muscles which have been caused by over-exertion. It’s also a great remedy for jet lag. Definitely a must for the first aid cabinet and usually the one homeopathic remedy everyone has heard of.”

Eileen Scullion homeopathy
Eileen Scullion,
Allergies & Reactions
Sam: “The best medicine for hayfever if given early is Histaminum in dosages of 30c up to 200c if the symptoms are usually very severe.

“Homeopathy is best used to treat Hayfever in the winter season. A tailored course of treatment can prevent the person having it at all or in some cases ever again!

“However, if you are suffering you might want to try either Allium Cepa which will help you if you have a streaming nose with a burning discharge and watery, stinging eyes but with tears that are bland rather than burning - just as if you are having a reaction to cutting up a strong onion in the kitchen!

“But use Euphrasia when your eye symptoms are the most prominent, as this medicine has a strong affinity for the eyes. The tears burn, and the nose discharge is bland. There may also be a daytime cough but not at night.”

Bites And Stings
Em: “Apis is the number one remedy for bites and stings as it helps alleviate oedematous swellings and redness. These pains will typically be burning and stinging sensations. It frequently helps bites and stings which are typically red, itchy, swollen and painful that are relieved by cold applications.”
Emotional Stress
Em: “Aconite is the number one remedy for panic, characterised by extreme anxiety, restlessness, distress and fear.”

Post-accident shock
Em: “Arnica should be a first choice after most accidents, injuries or physical ordeals, particularly when they are visibly in shock. It’s suitable for use when the person has a fear of being touched because of the pain and may want to be left alone.”

Bereavement or emotional shock
Em: “Ignatia is useful for treating symptoms which follow acute loss, grief or a break up. The person may not be able to accept what has happened and reacts with a sense of disbelief. They often want to be alone, and dislike consolation from others. They are also sensitive and overreactive to reprimand or criticism.”

Eileen: “Ignatia is best prescribed when the person appears emotionally fragile and their moods may change rapidly from great highs to lows such as crying one moment and laughing the next. The person sighs frequently and has difficulty swallowing because of a lump sensation in their throat. Their symptoms are contradictory, for example they have an empty sensation in their stomach that is not relieved by eating, or a sore throat that is worse when not swallowing.

“They feel worse for fresh air as they quickly chill, or after drinking coffee as it makes them feel shaky and they typically feel better for deep breathing, eating and heat. They become anti-social, preferring to be left alone. As they hold a lot of their emotions in their chest, as an unconscious reflex they yawn a great deal as the body strives to get oxygen and relieve the tension in their chest.”

If you’re looking to get started, homeopathic retailer Helios offer a great starter kit for families that can help with some of the common ailments listed above. Please be aware that these remedies are for acute or short-lived complaints. Chronic and recurring symptoms should always be checked by a professional homeopath and you should always seek medical attention for any serious or urgent conditions.

Homeopathy is just one of the many natural ways we can look to treat our ailments, but it’s always worth taking some time out for ourselves now and again. Why not treat yourself to spa day in Yorkshire? Get in touch with the Titanic Spa team today.