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Tips for Spa Treatments While Pregnant

Woman on beach at sunset who is pregnant

“With all of the changes that are going on within your body, it's not surprising that pregnancy can leave us feeling exhausted, as well as a little hormonal and emotional. Many health spas provide specialist treatments for pregnant women” – Natalie Mudd (Mum in Brum) 

There are lots of dos and don’ts while pregnant, and spa treatments are no different. Depending on what stage of the pregnancy you are at, there are certain limitations on what treatments you can and can’t have while at the Spa. But fear not; this handy guide is here to show you the top tips for spa treatments while pregnant. 


Lady having a massage

Contrary to the beliefs of some, spas are not absolutely off limits to those that are expecting. But there are certain precautions to take and there are areas that must be avoided for the safety of you and your baby.

Things like Jacuzzis, heated mud wraps, saunas and steam rooms – basically the treatments that result in your body temperature rising significantly – are indeed off limits.  This is because when your skin heats up, blood is drawn away from the placenta putting you and your baby at risk. Even as little as ten minutes in these heated environments can increase the chances of a miscarriage, making these treatments an absolute red flag.

You will also want to stay clear of certain types of massages – though not all types. Massages can really hit the spot, relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy, but one must be careful, and always notify the masseuse that you are with child.

Informing the therapist that you are indeed pregnant, and also how far along you are, will allow them to avoid certain areas and techniques while being able to give you a massage that is both enjoyable and most importantly safe. 

The therapist will avoid points on the wrists and ankles that can cause cramping, and they will avoid having you lie on your back after the five-month mark, as this could lead to a drop in blood pressure, making you feel faint. 

Considering the above, it is important to resist the urge of indulging in these activities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun spa break. 


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While being cautious and avoiding the above, spas are still replete with treatments for you to enjoy while expecting. So don’t be dissuaded; fun times can still be had alone or on a day out with friends.

As mentioned, massages can be tricky and there are defiantly areas to avoid but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one at all. 

Natalie Mudd, of the family lifestyle blog Mum in Brum, spoke to us about the benefits of pregnancy massages.

“A specialist pregnancy massage can be just the ticket to help your mind and body relax and give you some well-deserved 'me time'. Alongside easing all of those aches and pains, a massage will also help to hydrate your expanding skin during pregnancy”.

As long as you are upfront and transparent with your therapist, they will be able to accommodate you and suggest specific techniques. 

Some will also be able to provide you with pillows and suggest lying you on your side to allow for maximum comfort and enjoyment while also remaining safe.

Inside of a spa

Skin treatments are also available to you, though your skin might be extra sensitive during this period of your life so you will need to be careful and test the waters a little. Everyone is different of course; you might be absolutely fine. A patch test to see how your skin reacts can be a good way to go, and from then on, there are various wax treatments, lotions and potions available to you.

Facials can be an ideal path to go down when looking at spa treatments; a wonderful way to relax and keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy. As mentioned above, your skin might be a little sensitive now that you are pregnant, but if you have informed your therapist they will be able to use more gentle products to help accommodate your needs.

Pregnant baby belly

You will want to avoid anything that contains retinoid – a type of vitamin A that speeds up cell division. While being wonderful for skin care it can cause harm to your baby if overused. Facial treatments directed at pregnant women will be aware of this, however. But it’s always a good idea to ask beforehand. 

Pedicure’s and manicures are absolutely available to pregnant women; having a fantastic looking pair of hands and feet is not only a lovely result of a day at the spa but a pleasant experience when hoping to relax. 

Natalie Mudd also appreciates the value in such treatments, saying that “a pedicure or foot massage is also a must for those tired feet bearing all that extra weight - even if you can't see them anymore!”

Nail polish does contain chemicals of course and this can be harmful if used too often, but a manicure every now and then will not cause any problems to either baby or mother. 

To be on the safe side – never a bad idea when relating to the health of your unborn child – you can always choose to avoid the nail bar during the first trimester. Again, communicating with your nail technician is a good a way to go, asking them to avoid nail polish that contains formaldehyde and toluene as both can cause problems for the baby if used too often. 

So in summation, there are definite treatments to avoid while at the spa but this in no way means one can’t have a fantastic time pampering yourself and relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy. With a little communication between you and your therapist, and a bit of knowledge going in, you can enjoy the attention you deserve while also prioritising the health and safety of your baby.