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Things your massage therapist can tell about you


Huffington Post reveals things massage therapists can tell about you!

During an hour long massage with a therapist at a spa in Yorkshire, they’ll be able to tell lots about you, more than you probably realised was possible.

The Huffington Post recently published this article which suggests 12 things that a massage therapist will probably be able to decode about you by the end of your treatment. Aside from what you make known in your initial consultation, your body will give certain signals to the therapist, and may reveal things you haven’t disclosed.

Just how much can a massage reveal about your health?

For example, your therapist may be given clues about your occupation. Signs such as a weak lower back, or a far-forward posture are indicators of a desk job, or one which involves a lot of driving. A massage may also unveil information about your personality, with tense shoulders showing that you text too much, or tight muscles in your scapula showing that you’re a frequent backpacker. Similarly, those that wear heavy handbags on one shoulder will have muscles that are tighter on one side.

Health problems? These may become apparent too. A therapist will be able to guess that you’re constipated if you have a firm stomach, and if you’re being affected by allergies they will find the tissue around your lymph nodes to be tender and inflamed. Dehydration will also be evident as the trigger points in your upper back may demonstrate soreness if enough glasses of water haven’t been consumed.

Injuries will also be evident, as therapists can feel heat and inflammation, and even dehydrated muscles in more serious cases. Tendons and muscles will also feel similar to guitar strings if any repetitive injuries have occurred.

While some of these facts may be surprising, it shows just how beneficial a massage can be, helping to ease and relieve the strains of everyday life.

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