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Protect your face as the summer turns to autumn

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You may be used to getting a tan and applying the right kind of moisturising sun cream, but with the end of summer in sight and the colder temperatures of autumn-ready to descend, it is time to think about taking care of your skin and protecting it against the cold.

The swimming and sun of summer can damage your skin – and it is when the temperatures drop that damage can show up. For mature skin, sun and age spots can appear, not to mention the dreaded lines and wrinkles. By preparing your skin for the colder weather, you have the opportunity to nurture your skin. September is the perfect time for a spa break weekend in Yorkshire and a great way to prepare your skin with a pampering facial.

Your sunscreen strategy

Many are unaware that sunscreen should be worn year-round. Most sun creams only protect against surface light – the kind that produces sunburn. Focus on taking care of the deeper layers of skin with products designed for extra protection.

Exfoliation is important

By exfoliating regularly, it will help to reveal smooth skin and improve the effects of certain skin products. If your skin is feeling dull and rough from being outside all summer, even the greatest moisturisers can’t completely undo the effects. Exfoliation will give your skin the chance to leave the summer behind.

Explore the use of essential oils

Although there are many uses for essential oils, using them in a facial scrub can be an excellent seasonal aid to help in the transition to colder weather. It is always best to let experienced and professional technicians apply essential oils, but they are an excellent therapeutic option.

For more information on the powers of essential oils, there are some good recommendations on Mind Food.

Remember your lips

If your lips are dry and cracked thanks to the drier summer, focus on getting your lips back to health. A concentrated lip moisturiser might do the trick. The change of weather can often cause havoc for keeping your lips soft and healthy, and lip balms are the perfect way to combat the effects of the weather.

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