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Preparing for your spa treatment

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With Christmas merely days away, many of us will be hoping for some much-needed respite and if we’ve been especially good this year, who knows, we may even be treated to a spa break in Yorkshire post-festivities.

Whether you’re a seasoned guest or it’s your first treatment, there are a few tips that can help make the most of that spa gift voucher ahead of your trip.

How to prepare for a spa treatment

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As recommend by aestheticians, visitors should be primed and prepped before even arriving at their chosen spa. To make the most of the spa’s health-boosting benefits, therapists suggest abstaining from your morning espresso and eating light on the day of your treatment. Being too energised on caffeine or too full can hinder the relaxation process and guests may miss out on the opportunity to fully unwind during their time at the spa.

What to do when you arrive for a spa treatment

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Take a hot shower when you arrive at the spa, the heat from this can help to open up your muscles and prepare them for spa treatments such as massage. You may find that doing some simple stretches before your treatment will also help to ease out any muscle tension, giving your therapist a blank canvas to work on when you enter the spa.

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Take advantage of aesthetician guidance

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If it’s your first time at the spa or you’re trying a new treatment, your aesthetician is there to offer guidance, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak up and offer up your preference too. It’s your chance to indulge, so if you have the desired technique in mind or you find the pressure of your massage is too heavy or light, of course, your therapist wants to hear from you. Make sure you take advantage of the spa experience and tailor it to your requirement.

Most importantly, relax! With the best will in the world, your therapist is unlikely to be able to work their healing magic if you’re uncomfortable or can’t let go of your daily stresses. Take your spa trip as an opportunity to leave all other responsibilities at the door and just enjoy some quality ‘me time’.

If the above has you yearning for a relaxing pampering session, make sure to check out the spa days we have available.