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Nutritionists reveal the healthiest protein types

roasted chicken

Nutritionists have now revealed which are the healthiest types of each protein to eat.

It's been long known that eating protein has great benefits before a workout and that it can help repair and stimulate muscle growth. But now experts have figured out which types of protein are the healthiest. 

Nutritionists at Mealkitt have shared data (via Daily Mail) that ranks three types of the same protein, including chicken and fish, by the health benefits that they contain. 

Analysing five types of protein: chicken, fish, eggs, pork, and beef, they ranked for each source of protein, three variations of the product, from 'good', 'better', and 'best'. However, just because a food source has the most protein, doesn’t mean that it is the 'best' option. 

The results are based on just how lean each source of protein is, also taking into consideration the calorie and carbohydrate count. This allowed them to then rank the protein sources.

The Results

selective focus photography of brown egg


Good – Salmon

Better – Haddock

Best – Cod


Good – Biltong

Better – Burger

Best – Steak


Good – Chorizo

Better – Sausage

Best – Burger


Good – Sausage

Better – Breaded

Best – Fillet


Good – One large egg

Better – One medium egg

Best – One duck egg

Do any of these results surprise you? They don't exactly fit into preconceived notions of the healthiest sources of protein. According to the nutritionists, the rule of thumb is that the less processing the product has, the healthier it is.

It's certainly important to take such information into account when assembling your healthy diet, as we all know that eating well is important for both body and mind. Healthy eating isn’t everything you need to stay fit and strong, however, remembering to exercise and take time for yourself away from daily stresses at a Yorkshire spa are vital steps.