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How to give yourself a post-Christmas detox

Woman having breakfast in bed

After eating countless roast potatoes, watching all the festive films and enjoying the odd Baileys or two, it’s time for the Christmas celebrations to come to an end, which can leave you feeling a bit out of sorts. January is the perfect month to give yourself a post-Christmas detox, whether it involves filling up on some veggies or starting the spring clean early, in this guide, we reveal some of the top ways to detox.


Give your home a revamp

Home decorations

It’s wonderful having your home filled with fairy lights, sparkly baubles and festive ornaments. However, as the New Year rolls in, it’s time for the decorations to come down and the usual home interior to be restored. Whilst doing so, why don’t you spend a few more hours giving your home a premature spring clean? Dust away the cobwebs, give the walls a fresh lick of paint and sort through your clutter, leaving you with a fresh and tidy home to begin the New Year.

We spoke to Claire from the lifestyle blog Life, Love and Dirty Dishes about her post-Christmas detox routine, and she says: “There are lots of things I do in January to keep some sparkle once the twinkly lights have all come down. I always do my spring clean in January! Having the house organised and decluttered is my fresh start for the year.”

Lifestyle blogger Rachel Burgess also gives her home a revamp in the New Year: “After the holidays I try and clean up holiday decor ASAP and replace it with a few fresh new pieces for the New Year. Rather than an empty space where the tree used to be, I will put a big cosy bean bag with some new pillows, for example. I always love new home decor, so this is a great way for me to fight off the sadness that the holidays are over, while making my home more beautiful at the same time.”


Plan your holidays

Now that the parties are coming to an end, it can leave you with the January blues. One way to combat this is to sort through your diary and jot down some things you have to look forward to in the upcoming months. Whether you already have a summer holiday or a spa weekend in Yorkshire planned, having some dates in the diary will help motivate you during the dreary January days. This is another recommendation by Claire, who shares: “I always plan out holidays and any weekends away and put them on the calendar, so we have things to look forward to. Plus, it's my birthday at the end of January, so I get to be spoilt again!”


Eat clean

Citrus fruit

It’s good to treat yourself every now and again, but by the time the New Year starts, your body is likely to be craving clean and fresh whole foods. Try to fuel your body with nutrients that you may have missed out on over the Christmas period. Some post-Christmas detox meals to inspire you are listed below:

Porridge with fruit, honey and chia seeds

Avocado, tomato and poached egg on sourdough toast

Quinoa and salmon salad

Hummus and vegetables

Homemade vegetable soups 

Baked sweet potato

Lentil and sweet potato dahl

Supal from the travel and lifestyle blog Chevron and Eclairs advises: “After the indulgence during the holidays, I like to get back into the habit of drinking water in the form of fresh mint tea, sparkling with some cucumber slices, or still and lemon water. It always sets me on the right track!” 


Set a realistic workout routine

Woman in a yoga pose by the sea

It can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon and set yourself a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym five times a week, but setting yourself unattainable goals will only backfire. However, dedicating some time each day or week to get your body moving will benefit both you physically and mentally. So whether it’s walking to work instead of driving, doing a 20-minute yoga session in the morning or going for weekly jogs, even small amounts of exercise will help give you a healthy boost.


Set eco-friendly resolutions

Start the New Year with a determined mindset to make a positive difference to the planet. Avoid setting yourself huge resolutions such as ‘To stop using single-use plastic’, as breaking it down into smaller daily, or weekly, goals will mean you’re much more likely to achieve it. For example, you could resolve to carry your sustainable travel mug with you everywhere to avoid using plastic coffee cups or heading to the local farm shop to pick up your shopping rather than going to the supermarket. By setting clear smaller goals, you’ll be sure to complete your resolution by the time the year comes to an end.