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Historic Mosul Spa Reopens as Oasis for the Area

An historic spa in war-torn Mosul has reopened after the city had been liberated.

Creating a much needed oasis for soldiers and civilians, locals have been able to relax in the well-known sulphur springs and spa.

The spa itself is located just a half hour from the front line in West Mosul, and offers people a place to enjoy and seek out a healthy retreat.

The spa is called Hammam al-Alil, which when translated means ‘The bath of the sick’, and had been a popular long time destination known for its pools of warm sulphur before the town became occupied.

In these dire circumstances for the area, it’s great to see that people have a place to go which they can enjoy, and relax even for just a little while. It has now come to be a place where soldiers and civilians interact with one another.

Until very recently, people in Mosul weren’t able to afford to come to the spa, according to one employee, but now salaries are being paid again, causing people to flood back to the beloved area.

While Hammam al-Alil might not look like your traditional Yorkshire Spa, it’s great to see the facility reopen, and provide a much needed service to the people there.

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Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Iran

This 16th century spa/bathhouse in Iran certainly stands out with its beautiful soaring archways and domed ceilings. Bathing here is a popular local pastime, and the building itself a stunning example of Iranian architecture.


Kalma Saun, Estonia

Estonians are known for loving their saunas, and this one is particularly beloved. Built in 1928, the Kalma Saun was the first public bathhouse in the area, and is heated to this today in the traditional wood burning style.

Rudas Thermal Bath, Hungary

This spa in Budapest, Hungary was established in the 16th century by the Ottomans, which has has no doubt influenced the spa’s typical Turkish design. With its octagon pool and flanking archways, it really is quite the site.

Image Credits: Mstyslav Chernov and Reibai