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Experts recommend anti-aging products in your 20s

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While it’s easy to assume that we don’t need to worry about anti-ageing products in our 20s, this may not be the case according to experts.

Leading dermatologists are suggesting that the key to looking good in later life is protecting collagen reserves and elastin while you’re still young. We have a finite amount of elastin, and this can rarely be stimulated to regrow, making taking care of your skin early on incredibly important.

Common mistakes made by twenty-somethings include failing to protect against harmful UVs, which can easily be prevented by wearing an appropriate SPF. Social smoking and a lack of sleep are also other large factors, which can have an impact on your skin during your youth, but all of these are mostly avoidable.

Looking after skin is like ‘putting money in the bank’

So, in order to keep your skin as healthy and fresh as possible in later life, you should lay off the cigarettes and minimise exposure to UV rays. Getting a good night’s sleep each night will also help to maintain your youthful skin.

For those looking to invest in their skin further, treatments and products will help you to up your anti-ageing game, with peels and deep-cleaning facials highly recommended. You could also use a moisturiser that contains complex peptides, which should encourage collagen production.

Dr Heather Rogers, a Seattle-based dermatologist, told StyleCaster: “The younger and healthier our skin is, the better it responds to treatments. So tightening treatments to build collagen, like Thermage, Exilis, or Ulthera, typically get better results and build more collagen with a younger patient than an older patient.”

The more we look after ourselves now, the fewer worry lines we’ll have to think about in the future, so why not begin with a facial at a luxury spa in Yorkshire?

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