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5 things your skin can tell you about your health

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Your skin can be one of the best windows into your personal health. We all know that skincare is important and that taking care of our skin can be complicated, with each person needing a unique regime. However, did you know that your skin can help show you how your overall body health is? Ever-changing and adapting, in this article we look at 5 things your skin can tell you about your health.

You are dehydrated

One of the most reactive things our skin can tell us, and something that changes on a daily basis, is our body’s level of hydration. Often starting with cracked lips or looking a bit dull, having dehydrated skin isn’t the same as having dry skin but they can often look the same. This is why it’s important to know your own skin type and know what is and isn’t normal for you and if you find that your skin is feeling more dry than usual, try drinking more water and using moisturisers to fix the problem.

You are tired

A lack of sleep can affect your everyday performance, both mentally and physically. The best indicator due to a lack of sleep are your eyelids, which will appear especially puffy and darkened. You might also find that your skin, like when dehydrated, looks lacklustre and dull or can be more dry than usual. The chances are that if you’ve not been getting the sleep you need, you don’t need your skin to tell you, but it can be a good way to indicate when your lack of sleep is becoming a real problem and needs to be addressed. 

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You have a hormonal imbalance

Spots, pimples, acne, zits; whatever you call it, it’s something to contend with and something that even the most effective skin routine can’t always help with. One of the main reasons you might suffer from breakouts around the chin and jawline are hormones. Did you know, each area of your face gets spots for different reasons? It’s true, and spots or blackheads around the jaw are indicative of a hormone imbalance. You might find that you get spots here regularly at a different point in your cycle, however, if getting acne here is a new development it could be due to a change in your hormones.

You are getting too much sun

Spending time in the sun is something that, for some people, can be beaten, however, it’s not good for our skin. In fact, too much sun exposure is one of the worst things we can do to our skin in the long term. For sun-worshippers out there, make sure you are always using an SPF (even when it’s cloudy) and keep an eye on your skin. If you see freckles or dark spots changing their appearance anywhere on the body, it could be indicative of something more sinister going on and you should talk to your GP or a dermatologist.

You have something more serious going on

Unfortunately, changes in the skin can also be indicative of a much more serious issue. For example, acne and hair growth in women can often be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome. Dark patches and rashes can be a sign of diabetes or yellowing of the skin can be due to liver problems. If you’ve noticed an unusual change in your skin anywhere on the body, it’s always wise to consult your doctor to make a record of it and get it checked out as our skin tells us more than we might ever realise.

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