Comfort Zone Expert Facial Care

Your Comfort Zone Expert Facial Treatments consider the skins condition, not just the skin types.

Your therapist will recommend the most suitable experience delivering true SCIENCE for your SKIN with immediate results and a SOULful ritual

Your therapist will choose from:

REBALANCE SKIN RESONANCE - Soothe, Rebalance, and Protect reactive skins prone to redness, rosacea and fragile capilaries.

PURIFY ACTIVE PURENESS - Deep Cleanse, Rebalance and Purify for dull, lifeless skin prone to congestion and oiliness.

HYDRATE HYDRAMEMORY - Boost moisture, deeply hydrate and restore the hydra balane of the skin with luminocity

NOURISH RECOVER TOUCH - Repairs and replenishes with powerful anti-oxidant and vitamin rich ingredients freaturing goji berry

Treatment Details
This treatment will take 55 minutes.
Treatment  Price 
Comfort Zone Expert Facial Care £70.00
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