Titanic Heat and Ice Experience
Heat and Ice Experience

Titanic Heat and Ice Experience

Heat Experiences

  • Crystal Steam Room – A humid heating sensation also known as a Turkish or Roman Steam Bath. Particularly beneficial for the respiratory system. The heat, in combination with essential oils helps induce a state of deep relaxation
  • Herbal Infusion Room - The Herbal Infusion Room is designed to provide the warmth of a traditional steam bath coupled with the benefits of natural herbs and essential oils, sit back and relax whilst gently inhaling the aromas of pine, lavender and eucalyptus to aid breathing and invigorate the spirit
  • Aromatherapy Room - A 2000 year old Roman tradition. The floor, benches and walls are heated offering a dry, warm environment for perspiring and cleansing the pores. Cocoon yourself in the aromatic vapours and allow the stresses of the world to drift away. 
  • Saunarium – This is a luxurious timber chamber combining the traditional pleasures of the Scandinavian sauna with the added benefit of steam infusion, mood lighting and background music. The ‘softer climate’ will allow you to spend longer in the cabin so the heat can deeply penetrate the body, soothe joints and muscles. 
  • Sauna Cabin – A Finnish tradition offering intense dry heat. Disperses aromatic water over the coals to create warmth and essence in the cabin. This large space offers an ideal environment to unravel your mind and rest tired, aching muscles.
  • Foot Baths – Offering a gentle relaxing reflexology massage to soothe and stimulate the feet.
  • Private Mud Chamber * – Inspired by ancient Egyptian bathing, organic mud is applied to the skin to exfoliate and nourish. Herbal steam fills the chamber culminating with a tropical rain shower inducing pure relaxation. * Please note, These treatments can only be added onto the Heat and Ice experience. To view our mud chamber treatments please click here


Cooling Experiences

  • Ice Room – Gently apply crushed ice onto the body to counteract the warming effects of the heat experiences.
  • Plunge Pool – What better way to cool off than to enter our refreshing plunge pool? Cooling down between heat treatments will prolong your enjoyment of your experience. 
  • Experience Showers – Showers offering a multi sensory experience to help cool the body, from soft tropical rain to invigorating ice rain.
  • A bucket shower completes the experience.